RIB diving trips

Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village is also able to offer thrilling speedboat diving trips. These guided trips can be run at any time but we recommend the best time is around 4pm as all the day boats have left and the sea life has moved back to the reefs.

The trips can be run in two different ways.

Speedboat dive at any time
If you donot want to spend the whole day on the boat or if you have family commitments that prevent you from doing so, then this is for you. At any time we can run diving trips to the beautiful teeming reefs of Ras Nasrani or Ras Gamilla or we can whisk you across to the famous reefs of Tiran. These trips take around 2 hours in total.
Hammerhead dive at the back of Jackson Reef
For very experienced divers only - and potentially the dive of a lifetime. With agreement from your Sharks Bay diving instructor or divemaster, you can go to the back of Jackson Reef where a dive “in the blue” gives you a good chance of seeing the scalloped hammerhead sharks that inhabit these waters during the summer months. All divers who manage to see these graceful giants of the sea say the same thing – that it’s a privilege to dive with them. The best chance to see the hammerheads is either early in the morning or in the late afternoon.




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