Sinai Desert Trips

The Sinai desert is the natural land bridge between Africa and Asia and, with its unique dramatic landscape and the fascinating culture of the Bedouins, is one of the most impressive areas of the world. With high mountains and steep wadis (dried out river valleys), fertile oasis and coloured rock formations, the Sinai is one of the most beautiful desert regions. You can experience the amazing contrasts of the desert from its deep red sand to the unspoilt white sand dunes and lush green oasis by modern bikes and cars or more traditional camels.

Quad Bike and Camel Ride
Combine the modern and the traditional by spending a couple of hours on a quad bike followed by an hours ride on a camel. It’s a dusty trip so you’ll get dirty and it’s also a good idea to bring a “Kofeya” or head-dress.

21/2 hour quad bike trip, without camel ride, also available:

A unique way to discover the beauties of the desert is to self-drive a powerful 4x4 Jeep Wrangler. You will get a professional briefing on safety and driving techniques before setting off and following the lead jeep. 2 different trips available:

Sinai Desert Trip
Visit the immense quarry of granite and breathtaking El Horam before stopping for tea at a Bedouin Camp

Nabq National Park Trip
Drive through the national park for a couple of hours, stop off for a swim at the mangroves and then have a bbq on the beach in front of the “Maria Schoder” shipwreck.

Horse Riding
Sunrise trip out in the desert or along the beach and experience a peaceful desert at dawn.
If dawn is too early then sunset rides also available.


Rock Climbing
Half an hour from Dahab, Wadi Gnai is the ideal starting point for climbing in the Sinai with its perfect granite boulders in a shaded, sandy valley. Single and multi-pitch equipped sport routes for all levels of climbers in ‘Waterfalls’ and ‘Fake Connection’.
Beginners course available for people who want to be able to do sport climbing or top roping on their own. No previous experiences needed just an adventurous mind! This 2 day course can be done as separate day trips or with a stay overnight in the Wadi.
All equipment can be provided but we suggest you bring your own shoes

Prices include all transport (jeep & camel). Daytrips include lunch.
Overnight expeditions include all meals, water & Bedouin-style accommodation.


Dinner in the Desert
Catch a glimpse of Bedouin life and have a Bedouin dinner by candle light, smoke a shisha pipe and drink some Bedouin tea. After dinner, blow the candles out and watch the stars by moonlight. Camel rides available.

For those who feel more adventurous, we offer an overnight stay in a Bedouin tent, enabling you to sample authentic Bedouin life.


Star gazing with Mandi Food
Star gazing with Mandi Food
Originating in Yemen the Mandi style of cooking has since spread to the rest of the Arabian Peninsula. The meat used is usually a young, small sized lamb cooked in the tanoor which is a special kind of clay oven. To cook Mandi, dry wood is placed in the tanoor and burnt to turn it into charcoal. Then the meat, fish or chicken is suspended inside and the whole thing closed so that no smoke escapes. The end result is a tender and succulent roast.
After dinner watch the stars through a telescope. Camel rides also available.

Camel Ride
Enjoy the desert from on top of a camel. Stop off at a Bedouin tent for a cup of local tea before returning to Sharm.

Ras Mohammed by car
Ras Mohammed is a marine park with stunning coral and marine life. Go to the Mangrove channel, Salt Lake and visitors' centre before stopping for a swim or snorkel.
Departing at around 09.00 and back in time for a late lunch
Passport with full visa required

St Katherine’s and Mount Sinai

Leaving Sharm at night, you climb up Mount Moses arriving at the summit in time to watch the sunrise. On a clear day you can see over all of Sinai to the sea. As it is believed that this is the mountain where Moses received the Ten Commandments, Christians, Muslim and Jewish pilgrims come from all over the world. After descending from the mountain you will visit St Katherine's Monastery which is the oldest known, continually lived-in and is still functioning monastery in the world today. The Monastery houses about 22 Greek Orthodox Monks and a collection of icons and library of scriptures second only to the Vatican in Rome


St Katherine’s and Dahab
Alternatively leave Sharm in the morning to visit St Katherine's Monastery (see previous) and then stop off in Dahab on the way back for lunch, shopping and a quick swim.


Jeep Safari
Visit one of the natural wonders of Sinai - the Coloured Canyon. Walk between dramatic sandstone canyon walls reaching up to 40 meters high and streaked with yellows, purples, reds, magentas and gold. Formed by the natural elements over centuries, the colours of the Canyon are a result of ferrous oxide and manganese and form a natural maze perfect for wandering through. A full day trip, stops are also made at Nuweiba and Dahab.

The Grand Safari
Leaving at about 07.30 and getting back around 21.00 visit St Katherine’s, the Coloured Canyon, Dahab and Nuweiba all in one day.


Camel safari
Explore the secrets of the desert by camel on a 2 day / 1 night safari. Guided by local Bedouin guides you spend the night sleeping under a million stars. Minimum of 2 people required. Camel diving safaris can also be arrange for a minimum of 4 divers

Prices include guide, transfer, camel, full board, drinking water sleeping bag and mattress.

For the following remote and little-visited ancient sites special trips can be organised for a minimum of 4 people. Price on application:


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